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NEWS > 30.10.2009 - Xstream Monitoring Access!

Xstream Monitoring Access!

Net Optics is pleased to announce two new products that take monitoring access to the Xstream! Director Xstream™ extends the Director™ data monitoring switch product family to meet the needs of the emerging 10G world (10 Gigabits per second network links) by offering 24 SFP+ 10G ports in a 1U form-factor, up from four 10G ports in Director. The iLink Agg Xstream does the same for the Net Optics Link Aggregator product family, increasing the port density from 14 10G ports in the 10G/1G Link Aggregator to 24 10G ports. With availability in Q4 2009, these products will enable customers to maintain the performance and security of 10G applications and services while reducing CAPEX costs and improving operational efficiency.

Director Xstream carries forward the functionality of Director, providing aggregation, regeneration, switching, intelligent filtering, and static load balancing in any mix. Director Xstream's front panel guides you by marking 8 ports for monitoring connections and 16 ports for networking connections, but any port can be used for either monitoring or network. In fact, by splitting a fiber cable into separate TX and RX fibers, you can have 24 10G network connections and 24 10G monitoring connections at the same time, all with non-blocking, full bandwidth access. Connections to the network can be from switch Span ports or from external Taps. (Director Xstream does not have direct in-line connectivity.)

The iLink Agg Xstream is a 10G, high-port-density Link Aggregator equipped with the intelligent management functions of the iTap product line, offering secure, remote management including RMON traffic statistics. It aggregates traffic from up to twenty 10G and 1G links and sends it all to four monitoring ports – but it can do much, much more. The network ports can be used as monitor ports if you need to attach more than four tools, and the monitor ports can serve as network inputs if you need to monitor more than twenty links. Moreover, the port mapping is completely flexible, so you can split the device into multiple, smaller Link Aggregators, or configure it for Regeneration Tap functionality. The unit comes preloaded with configurations for a 20x4 Link Aggregator, dual 10x2 Aggregators, and quad 4x2 Aggregators. It also has 1-to-23, dual 1-to-11, and quad 1-5 Regeneration configurations.
The network and monitoring ports in both Xstream devices use SFP+ technology that supports both 10G SFP+ and 1G SFP transceivers, so any mix of 10/100/1000 Copper, 1G SX and LX, and 10G SR and LR media is easily accommodated. Dual redundant power supplies are also a common feature.

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