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Net Optics Extends Monitoring Access Platform to Meet Increasingly Complex Data Center Management Requirements

Industry first High-Density iBypass Switch and new iLink Aggregator improve network and application performance while mitigating business risk

Photo - iLink AggiLink Agg
NEW YORK -- Nov 17, 2009 Net Optics, Inc., the global leader in intelligent network monitoring access solutions, today expanded the company's monitoring access platform (MAP) with two new solutions. The new iBypass HD, the industry's first high-density security bypass switch, and iLink Agg gigabit link aggregator improve the performance of mission-critical networks and applications while mitigating business risks and ensuring business continuity. Net Optics will demonstrate these new solutions at Interop New York 2009 from November 18-19, 2009, in booth #635.

Businesses today are focused on making data centers more agile, flexible and virtual in an effort to maximize performance, improve efficiencies and reduce costs. As IP voice, video and data traffic increases, and organizations roll out private clouds to support a diverse user community, IT organizations are also being required to meet more stringent service level agreements to minimize any negative impact on employee productivity or revenue-generating services. A critical component for modern data centers to meet these demands is building a comprehensive monitoring access platform into the core fabric of the network.

Net Optics provides organizations with a flexible monitoring access platform that combines data monitoring, aggregation and security bypass switches with intelligent network Taps and intuitive management. Deploying the Net Optics monitoring access platform across the entire network infrastructure improves network and application uptime and performance, enables IT personnel to work more efficiently, decreases business risk by providing 100 percent visibility of mission-critical business applications, and multiplies the return on investment of expensive monitoring tools.

"As business requirements evolve, so must the data center infrastructure. Monitoring access is a fundamental requirement in today's data centers for a wide variety of applications, including lawful intercept, forensics, performance management and data protection," said Dennis Carpio, Director of Product Innovation at Net Optics, Inc. "These new solutions further extend the flexibility of our monitoring access platform to meet virtually any monitoring access requirement."

iBypass HD - High-Density Security Monitoring
The iBypass HD (High Density) provides a high port density bypass switch solution for in-line network security appliances, such as intrusion prevention systems (IPSs) and firewalls. The iBypass HD appliance supports between two and eight network segments, with each segment operating independently to ensure link protection. Individual and multi-segment IPS appliances can be connected, maintained, or removed without affecting traffic through the links or the operation of the remaining segments. Pairs of bypass switches can be linked in a high-availability configuration, where failure of one appliance results in auto-failover to the other.

Net Optics bypass switches include Net Optics Heartbeat™ technology, which actively monitors the health of the attached in-line monitoring device. The bypass switch maintains network traffic flow and business continuity by automatically switching network traffic around an unresponsive IPS appliance, even if the IPS is still powered on. Once the IPS re-establishes a connection, traffic is re-routed to the monitor ports for continued operation. For added reliability, the iBypass HD features power loss fail-open. In the event of power loss to the bypass switch, traffic continues to flow through the network links, but is no longer routed to the monitoring tools. Additionally, hot-swappable redundant power supplies are a standard feature.

iLink Agg - Flexible, High-Density 1 Gigabit Aggregation
Net Optics iLink Agg is the industry's highest port density one gigabit link aggregator designed for monitoring applications. It enables a pool of monitoring tools to be applied to as many as eight network links (using integrated in-line Taps) or 16 Span ports, with fully configurable port mapping. The iLink Agg supports flexible configuration, as monitor ports can also be used as additional network ports, and Span network ports can be used as additional monitor ports. Customers can even split a cable and use the RX fiber for a network connection and the TX fiber for a monitor connection, increasing the potential number of ports to 24 network plus 24 monitor. Management features include simple port mapping, SSH security, role-based access, RADIUS and TACACS+ authentication and authorization, RMON traffic statistics, and remote software upgrades. All of the integrated copper and fiber Taps in the iLink Agg in-line models are fully passive, keeping traffic flowing even when the device is not powered. For additional reliability, the iLink Agg features hot-swappable redundant power supplies.

Pricing and Availability
The Net Optics iBypass HD with 1G copper modules and iLink Agg as a Span model with SFP-based interfaces will be available at the end of first quarter 2010. Pricing for the iBypass HD starts at EUR 9,500. Pricing for the iLink Agg starts at EUR 8,500.

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