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Optimizing Network Security and Monitoring Infrastructure with New Director Pro and Gig Zero Delay Solutions

New Network Access Appliances Ensure Security and 100 Percent Network Visibility with Zero Latency to Maximize Network Uptime and Reduce Business Risk

SAN FRANCISCO--(EON: Enhanced Online News)--Net Optics, Inc., the global leader in intelligent network access solutions, today expanded its product portfolio with the release of the new Director Pro Fabric Access Switch and Gig Zero Delay Tap. Director Pro is the industry's first network access solution providing pre-filtering of data via deep packet inspection of network traffic to optimize the performance of security and monitoring tools. The patent-pending Gig Zero Delay Tap is the industry's only 10/100/1000BaseT Tap with true zero-delay operation to prevent network disruptions in highly sensitive industries such as financial services. Combined as part of a comprehensive monitoring access platform, the new Director Pro and Gig Zero Delay solutions ensure 100 percent network visibility to improve network and application performance, increase IT efficiency and reduce business risk.

Designed for enterprise data centers, cloud computing providers, and telecommunication operators, Director Pro combines the award-winning features of Net Optics Director with desired industry innovations including Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), dynamic load balancing, and bi-directional port configuration. Director Pro's DPI capabilities can be leveraged as part of an overall security strategy, pre-screening and pre-filtering traffic to make network Intrusion Prevention Systems, Data Loss Prevention, Activity Monitoring and Web Security Gateways more efficient. In addition, Payload Pattern Matching can be utilized for policy management by specifying the strings that require action. Similarly, dynamic load balancing evenly distributes packets to groups of monitoring appliances ensuring that no appliance is bottlenecked or under-utilized.

“Direct access to 100 percent of network traffic is critical to an overall security infrastructure, both for proactive threat management and ongoing business continuity and compliance,” said Ilan Matsliah, manager of the security and networking department at Migdal Insurance Company. “With their Director family of products, Net Optics has continually evolved the feature set to deliver more granularity into network traffic at increasingly higher speeds, thereby maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of our network performance and security monitoring tools. With Director Pro's new DPI functionality, Net Optics is once again showing the type of innovation we've continuously seen from the company.”

The Director Pro supports both 1G and 10G network links on the same platform, and is capable of monitoring and providing in-line access to the network on all ports. Customers can leverage Director Pro to defer investment in costly 10G monitoring tools by streamlining the monitoring of 10G links using existing 1G tools. The bi-directional filtering provided by Director Pro permits the highest port density available in the industry today. In the case of port failure, Director Pro's hot spare port will take over another port's packet monitoring, ensuring that Director Pro never loses connectivity, allowing zero-gaps in monitoring, security, and network operation.

Gig Zero Delay – Eliminating Packet Loss

In businesses where seconds of network downtime or lags can mean millions in lost revenue, it is critical to ensure proper network monitoring, security, and compliance at all times. It is estimated that average downtime costs for large online brokerages are around $6.48 million per hour, or $1,800 per second. The Gig Zero Delay Tap incorporates zero delay technology for maximum network reliability. During a power outage, unique circuitry preserves the state of each network port ensuring network links remain fully functional; only monitor traffic becomes unavailable. With the Gig Zero Delay Tap, power glitches and failures no longer mean dropped packets and lengthy renegotiation sequences. Network operates more smoothly and critical business applications remain responsive with the Gig Zero Delay Tap in as part of a monitoring infrastructure.

“By consolidating the monitoring and security architecture within the data center, Net Optics helps customers reduce energy cost, rack space requirements, power consumption, and reduce Tap port sprawl while maintaining data center design flexibility and streamlining data operations costs,” stated Sharon Besser, vice president of technologies at Net Optics. “For our reseller and OEM partners, we continue to deliver network access solutions that meet current and emerging customer pain points for network performance and security monitoring.”

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