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New Director 4.0 Upgrade Unifies, Expands, Manages and More!

Director and Director Pro can be daisy chained and managed together using a single interface with new features for convenience, capacity and control

Discover the bonanza of new capabilities in the market-leading Director™ Data Monitoring Switch and Director Pro™ Network Controller Switch version 4.0. This major advance allows daisy chaining of Director with Director Pro devices - enabling improved management and important new functions. Director 4.0 also expands filter capacity and adds SNMP features. Visit the Customer Portal or contact us now and start taking advantage of these enriched resources for better performance, efficiency, and ease-of-use.

Enhanced Management

One convenient Web Manager/CLI/SNMP user interfaceDirector and Director Pro are now easier to manage in the same environment because Web Manager works with both. Plus - the same aliases and port names are visible and manageable for all users of Web Manager and CLI.Enhanced SNMP MIB and moreSNMP now supports Director Pro attributesUnified port names and aliasesThe Director alias feature has been enriched to embrace port names and help you track which equipment is connected to which ports.

Enhanced Capacity

Daisy chain Director and Director ProThe single image that serves both Director and Director Pro now brings feature parity to the family, letting you extend your capabilities significantly and daisy chain up to eight Directors and two Director Pros.Dramatically increased filter capacityQuadruple your capacity in the standard combined configuration —or dedicate all filter resources to IPv4, IPv6 filters, or Layer 2 filters.

Enhanced Control

DPI and dynamic load balancingAdditional Load Balancing use cases supported, as traffic in the Pro engine load balancer can now be available for use in any other filter.Data monitoring and controlDirector and Director Pro integration now enables two of the devices on a 10-device daisy chain to perform these sophisticated functions.

Version 4.0 supports Director models DIR-3400, DIR-5400, DIR-7400 and Director Pro models DIR-3400P and DIR-6400P.

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