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Net Optics Announces a Major Advance at VMworld 2011: Total Visibility for Network Monitoring Across the Cloud

Phantom HD enables 100-percent visibility for inspection of virtual network traffic across locations—driving efficiency and security while dramatically lowering costs

SANTA CLARA, Calif. and LAS VEGAS – August 29, 2011 –– Net Optics, Inc.,the leading provider of intelligent access and monitoring architecture, today introduced the newest member of the Net Optics Phantom™ Solutions suite, the Phantom HD™. This new high-throughput aggregation appliance enables businesses with remote offices to lower their IT costs while increasing security of their virtualized networks. By allowing raw packets of data to be transported from several locations to one central aggregation point, the Phantom solution empowers networks to process higher data bandwidths more cost-efficiently, while superior visibility adds a substantial security benefit at 10GB wire speed. Net Optics will demonstrate the business-critical advantages of Phantom HD at the VMworld Conference (booth #1313) in Las Vegas, August 29 to September 1, 2011.

The Phantom HD solution advances the state of network monitoring by eliminating the current need for a physical, wired connection between the monitoring and access layers and the instrumentation layer. Customers can now augment their monitoring capability by removing the physical proximity limitation. Visibility into the virtual network allows raw network traffic to be transported from several remote locations to one central control site, then inspected and stored.

“The Phantom HD delivers all the benefits users have come to expect from Net Optics physical solutions, with added virtual functionality,” said Sharon Besser, VP Technology at Net Optics. “Phantom HD was created to fulfill an urgent customer need—that of total visibility into various virtual environments within a network—by enabling the transport of traffic from one location to another.”

The Phantom HD allows businesses to:
  • Aggregate traffic of interest from multiple Phantom Virtual Taps (software Tap) at one location
  • View and inspect any traffic of interest (wired or virtual) from several remote offices in one central point; saving time and resources and driving down operational costs
  • Enhance security by allowing IT personnel to see the entire inspection layer as one cohesive picture, resulting in quick issue diagnosis and resolution
  • Increase efficiency for inspection and auditing

The Phantom HD joins the landmark Phantom Virtual Tap in a suite of innovative Net Optics solutions providing total visibility into the data center's virtual environment. The Phantom Virtual Tap has already earned industry-wide accolades, including Best of FOSE 2011 and InfoTECH Editor's Pick. Now, by leveraging the innovative features of the Phantom HD, customers can mobilize their traffic of interest across locations, devices and providers for total inspection anywhere.

Visit the Phantom HD Product Page

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