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Net Optics Launches Ultra-Versatile, Virtual and Physical Management Solution

New Indigo Pro™ version 3.0 offers enhanced user authentication, support for LDAP, and TACACS+, and support for both physical and virtual (Xen, VMware) appliances

Santa Clara, Calif. – July 24, 2012 – Net Optics, Inc., the leading provider of Intelligent Access and Monitoring Architecture, today announced the release of a landmark advance of its popular Indigo Pro management solution. Indigo Pro now extends sophisticated new capabilities even farther into the virtual and physical environments, and supports advanced user authentication features, including LDAP and TACACS+.

As traffic spirals, today's networks deploy an architecture of dozens–or sometimes hundreds–of appliances, including physical Taps, Phantom Virtualization Taps™ and Phantom HD™ appliances, data monitoring switches, and network controller switches. Indigo Pro 3.0 offers a centralized solution for managing, configuring and monitoring these devices. The solution unites the management of hardware and software Taps into one stable and sustainable platform, providing IT with unprecedented levels of streamlined, responsive and coordinated functionality.

Indigo Pro 3.0 expands support to encompass Xen, VMware and other major hypervisors, allowing precise, efficient device management across the entire network. In addition, Indigo Pro 3.0 offers a High Availability (HA) cross-form configuration (e.g., physical-physical; virtual-physical, and physical-virtual).

Along with these enhancements, Indigo Pro 3.0 features the choice of MySQL database or PostgreSQL, with the ability to seamlessly transition between the two. The upgrade also delivers superior administration capabilities for Net Optics xBalancer™, iBypass™ and third-party devices.

Indigo Pro 3.0 makes network administration and management easier and more precise than ever before, sharpening network visibility and security threat management. Robust, comprehensive and flexible, Indigo Pro remains the industry standard for managing wired and virtual devices and easing the customization of network configuration.

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