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NEWS > 13.06.2014 - Get the new xStream 40G v6.3 Software Update

Get the new xStream 40G v6.3 Software Update

Network packet brokering switch for monitoring high-speed network traffic

We are pleased to announce release 6.3 for the xStream™ 40G load balancing, filtering, and aggregation platform. This major upgrade offers an expanded suite of capabilities for high-speed networks, including unprecedented availability, enhanced load balancing, a new heartbeat application, added filtering flexibility, and more. These new features increase the versatility and cost-effectiveness of this solution; heighten the efficiency of inline appliances such as IPSs, firewalls, and Web accelerators; and reduce the risk of oversubscription.

Key Benefits

The new Ixia xStream 40G delivers the following benefits and features:
  • Reduces costs by tool sharing, which allows multiple departments to utilize the same tool to monitor multiple links throughout the organization.
  • Increases efficiency and maximizes tool utilization by filtering that sends each tool only the traffic it needs.
  • Protects investment in existing monitoring tools by balancing and splitting the load from 40G and 10G links to 1G and 10G tools.
  • Avoids tool oversubscription and its consequences through packet slicing and load balancing.

Key Features
  • Unprecedented high availability through new active-active and active-standby mode configuration.
  • GTP load balancing, allowing users to specify which types of GTP packets to load balance—IPv4 SIP, IPv4 DIP or SIP+DIP.
  • Heartbeat application, sending tools a heartbeat packet via management port using a simple ICMP protocol.
  • Filter enable/disable for enhanced flexibility and specificity as to whether to use each individual filter rule or not.
  • 40G throughput using 10G ports configured together.

xStream 40G fills a key role in Ixia's Visibility Architecture solution set, designed to eliminate blind spots and future proof networks. This advanced NPB solution enables you to monitor high-speed network traffic and raise inline appliance efficiency by sharing a pool of them across multiple independent network links.

Learn more
To find out more about xStream 40G, visit the xStream 40G product page

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