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A new way to access and monitor data

The cost and complexity of monitoring solutions are exploding. More appliances need to be deployed across an ever-increasing number of network links because:
  • High-speed 1-Gbps and 10-Gbps links generate orders-of-magnitude more traffic than ever needed to be monitored before
  • Security threats are expanding on a daily basis
  • Converged voice-video-data networks demand specialized tools to optimize different types of traffic
Load Balances
Load Balances

Director Pro is a Network Controller Switch built on Net Optics award-winning Director switch architecture.

TapFlow™ Filtering Technology included
Director Pro is the only security- and performance-monitoring switch that can filter and dynamically load balance traffic sent to monitoring appliances, enabling you to maximize the effectiveness and performance of your data center.

Director Pro reduces the complexity of managing integrated network fabric. Every port in Director Pro is bidirectional, effectively doubling the port density. Using the purpose built combination of deep packet inspection with static or dynamic load balancing and policy enforcement, Director Pro provides data access to the most complicated network at wire speed.

Director Pro - Logo
Director Pro
Director Pro improves network management reliability through reducing MTTR. It requires little initial configuration and maintenance, and enables your organization to make better use of its existing arsenal of monitoring appliances.

In the first three configuration modes, flows are intact, ensuring that each tool receives complete "conversations" for analysis. Each new flow is mapped and locked to an LB output channel based on which channel results in the most even balance. An unlimited number of flows are supported. Load balancing can be used in conjunction with filtering, aggregation, and other Director Pro functions.

TapFlow™ Filtering Technology included

Better Traffic Direction with DPI, Policy and Load Balancing

Director Pro has multiple means of managing traffic flow using hardware and software. Load balancing can be both dynamic and static. Dynamic load balancing responds to traffic fluctuations. Static load balancing enables you to pre-configure traffic flow based on historical data or current requirements. Director Pro allows creating policies for Dynamic or Static load balancing.

Each port in Director Pro can filter traffic independently of all other ports. As traffic enters the port, it can filter packets by Ether Types, IP header information, payload and policy keywords, and forward the packets to the appropriate monitoring or security appliances. Director Pro has the highest port density in the industry; In addition, each port is bi-directional and can be used for TX and RX. Combining this capability and the high port density with load balancing and filtering results in unparalleled control of your monitoring traffic.

Diagram - Load Balancing Traffic to Multiple Devices
Diagram - Load Balancing Traffic to Multiple Devices
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True Dynamic Load Balancing for Mission-Critical Services

Dynamic Load Balancing splits the traffic into multiple streams so two or more monitoring appliances, working in parallel, can process the data. Dynamic load balancing policies react to the actual current system state in making decisions to transfer loads from one appliance to another. It prevents bottlenecks, oversubscrip- tion, and under-utilization.

Director Pro dynamically balances loads, taking the traffic from any network port or aggregated set of network ports, and distributing it between two and thirty-two monitor ports. Load balancing can be configured per port using the following criteria:
  • The source IP address
  • The destination IP address
  • A combination of the source and destination IP addresses
  • Packet-based round robin
In the first three configuration modes, flows are intact, ensuring that each tool receives complete "conversations" for analysis. Each new flow is mapped and locked to an LB output channel based on which channel results in the most even balance. An unlimited number of flows are supported. Load balancing can be used in conjunction with filtering, aggregation, and other Director Pro functions.

24/7 High Performance Failover Protection

Director Pro's load balancer provides a spare port that provides monitoring and security tools with N+1 resiliency. If one of the ports that are used for load balancing fails, an additional port is available to support monitoring appliances.

Overflow Mode

Director Pro's load balancer can be configured for overflow-based tool allocation. Additional tools are switched into the load balanced set only after the current tool set exceeds a configurable utilization threshold. Overflow mode enables you to dedicate the resources needed for the job today, with a smooth path for adding additional resources when traffic growth demands it in the future.

Diagram - Director Pro's Deep Packet Inspection
Diagram - Director Pro's Deep Packet Inspection
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Deep Packet Inspection and Filtering, Simpler than Ever

Director Pro's Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) extends the filtering capabilities of the device beyond the conventional L2-L4 header information, and depper into L5-L7 headers and the entire packet payload. Director Pro's hardware DPI engine lets you explore deep into the packet, examineing every bit of every packet at full wire speed up to 10Gbps. With this powerful DPI filtering facility, you can search for nested MPLS labels, application headers or text based content taking your security and trouble-shooting capabilities to a whole new level.

Versatile Port Mapping

Every port in Director Pro is bidirectional, effectively doubling the port density. Each port performs load balancing. In addition, Director Pro enables port-mapping and connector flexibility. Transmit and receives act independently of each other. The fact that you can receive on monitoring ports allows you to send reset commands to the network.

Cut-Through Architecture

Director Pro's dynamic load balancing and DPI hardware engine monitors packets as they traverse the port instead of waiting until the all packets completely pass through; this is known as cut-through architecture. Adding Director Pro to your network security and monitoring configuration introduces latency that is measured in mere microseconds because of this cut-through architecture.


Director Pro models are available with zero or three 10-Gbps XFP ports, which can be used as network or monitor connections. You can also select:
  • One or two Director Network Modules (DNMs), each providing 6 in-line links or
  • 12 Span ports, supporting Gigabit SX and LX Fiber or 10/100/1000 Copper media.
All Director Pro models include 10 1-Gbps SFP monitoring ports for Fiber or Copper tools. Also supplied are a dedicated 10/100/1000 Management port, a local RS-232 CLI port, and dual redundant power supply modules.
Director Network Modules (DNMs)

Link Aggregation, Stream Regeneration, and Switching

Director Pro provides one-to-one, many-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many mappings of network links and Span ports to monitor ports. Traffic from any selection of network links and Span ports can be aggregated into a single stream and copied to any one monitoring port. In addition, the same aggregated traffic stream can be copied to more than one monitoring port at the same time, enabling different groups to monitor the same data without conflicts.

Multiple aggregated and regenerated network links can operate simultaneously, without interfering with each other. Director Pro aggregates, regenerates, switches, and filters traffic completely at line-rate speeds.

Media Conversion

All Director Pro monitor ports use SFP or XFP modular transceivers so virtually any monitoring tool can be accommodated. In addition, DNMs are available for copper and SX and LX fiber in both in-line and Span versions, increasing the flexibility of media type support.

Director Pro enables you to mix 1-Gbps and 10-Gbps links and tools: traffic from a 10-Gbps link can be truncated, filtered or load-balanced to multiple 1-Gbps monitoring tools. Conversely, multiple 1-Gbps links can be aggregated to a 10-Gbps monitoring tool, getting value out of the tool bandwidth that might otherwise go to waste.

Daisy-Chain Expansion

Director Pro can be daisy-chained along with Director DIR-7400 and DIR-5400 units, with up to 10 chassis in a daisy-chain acting as a single logical unit (so it's easy too!) with up to 380 ports. One or two Director Pro chassis can be included on the daisy chain, in the end positions.

SR, LR, and ER 10-Gbps daisy-chain links support a reach as far as 40 km or 25 miles, enabling an entire campus or metro area to be monitored by a single logical Director Pro installation.

Dual Hot-Swappable Power Supplies

Dual Hot-Swappable Power Supplies

Director Pro's two modular power supplies provide fault tolerance: If one power supply loses power, Director Pro continues operating on the remaining supply. For maximum reliability, each supply has its own integrated cooling fan. If a power-supply module needs replacement, there is no need to take Director offline because the power supplies are hot-swappable. Both universal AC and -48VDC (telco) models are available.

Easy Configuration

Packed with functionality, Director Pro is a network device that plugs and plays as easily as the rest of the Net Optics Tap products. Its command-line interface (CLI) enables any Director Pro parameters or filters to be checked or changed with a few keystrokes. The management interface is password-protected and accessed through a secure, dedicated management port. The CLI is also available through a local RS-232 serial port. Director Pro supports RADIUS and TACACS+ authentication and authorization for easy integration in enterprise networks. SNMP support and GUI management tools are coming soon.

Security and Reliability

Director Pro handles network traffic entirely in hardware, so data flowing through Director Pro's in-line links can never be hacked or compromised. Configuration variables can be changed only through the device's management port.
Director Pro maintains its configuration even when power is offline. When Director Pro is powered off, traffic flows continue between the device's in-line network ports, maximizing network uptime.

Doing Our Part

Net Optics is dedicated to ensuring user safety, and developing products that are increasingly environment friendly. Director adheres to UL and CE safety certifications: FCC, VCCI, and C-Tick EMC certifications; and RoHS and WEEE environmental certifications.

Key Features

  • Dynamic Load Balancing, Tap, Link Aggregation, Stream Regeneration, Matrix Switching, and smart filtering in a single device
  • Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) with pattern matching in the L4-L7 payload
  • Three 10-Gigabit XFP ports and 34 1-Gigabit ports
  • In-line and SPAN network modules
  • 10 SFP monitor port interfaces
  • Daisy-chain with Director devices up to 10 chassis (Director Pro can occupy end positions only)
  • TapFlowTM multi-layer filtering engine
  • Multiple filter elements per chassis
  • RMON statistics (packet count, utilization, etc.)
  • Indigo™ management software


  • Leverages existing monitoring tool investments
  • Improves network visibility and security threat management
  • Zero packet loss
  • Relieves oversubscribed tools by filtering
  • Compatible with monitoring tools and intrusion detection and prevention systems from all major manufacturers

Technische Spezifikationen

Specifications, chassis


Operating Temperature: 0°C to 40°C
Storage Temperature: -10°C to 70°C
Relative Humidity: 10% min, 95% max, non-condensing


Dimensions: 1.75" high x 25" deep x 19" wide / 4,5 cm high x 63,5 cm deep x 48,3 cm wide Mounting: Surface or 19" rack mount (1U)
Weight: DIR-6400P (26lbs) / DIR-3400P (24lbs) / DNM (1.5lbs)


Network Port Slots: (2) Director Network Module (DNM)
Monitor Ports: (10) SFP
Configurable 10Gigabit Ports: (2) XFP
Daisy-chain (uplink) 10Gigabit Ports: (1) XFP
Management Port: (1) RJ45 10/100 Copper Network
Configuration (CLI) Port: Port: (1) RS-232 DB9
Power: (2) AC universal

Electrical Specifications

Power: 100-240VAC, 2A, 47-63Hz (Japan: 100-125VAC, ~120 VA, 50-60Hz)
DC Input: -48VDC nominal. -36 to -72VDC, 6.0A
DC Receptacle: Terminal peak, 12-14 gauge wire
Maintenance: Power supplies are hot-swappable


(All ports) Link LEDs (with speed indication on Copper ports),
(All ports) Activity LEDs
(1) Alarm LED
(2) Power LEDs


Hardware throughput: 64Gbps and 34Gbps
Dynamic load balancing: 10Gbps aggregated throughput, 1 to 32 outputs, overflow mode, failover spare, four balance modes: flow (IP address pair), flow (IP source address), flow (IP destination address), packet-by-packet round-robin
TapFlow: More than 1,000 filter elements per chassis; filter by IP source address , IP destination address, MAC source address, MAC destination address, source port, destination port, protocol, network port or port group, VLAN, utilization threshold, Ethertype, outer MPLS label; accurate ranges
DPI: Pattern matching in complete packet payload L4-L7; up to three patterns matched sequentially; 64 byte pattern length; ASCII, hex, bitwise dont't cares; optional case sensitivity, anchored or unanchored search, independent offsets for each pattern and filter
RMON statistics: Current utilization, peak utilization, peak time, total packets, total bytes, CRC errors, collision packets, oversize packets, undersize packets
Alarms: Programmable utilization threshold alarm for each network and monitor port


Fully RoHS compliant

Indigo Management Software

Net Optics Web Manager - compatible with all major Web browsers
Net Optics System Manager - compatible with Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows 98
SNMPv3, SNMPv2, SNMPv1 support

Specifications, DNM

Copper Interfaces

(12) RJ45 Network Ports 10/100/1000Mbps
(6) In-line or (12) SPAN depending on model 22-24 AWG unshielded twisted pair cable, CAT5e or better recommended

Fiber Optic Interfaces

(12) Gigabit SX Network Ports, LC type
(6) In-line or (12) SPAN depending on model
Fiber Type: Corning Multimode 50 or 62.5/125µm, 850 nm
Transceiver: GigaBit SX 850nm, VCSEL, supports 62.5/125µm
Transceiver: GigaBit LX 1310nm or 1550nm, VCSEL, supports 8.5/125µm
Safety: Class 1, eye-safe, laser emitter type; conforms to the applicable requirements per US 21 CFR (J) and EN 60825-1; also UL 1950 applications


Net Optics Director Pro - Front View

Net Optics Director Pro - Front View

Indigo™ Management Suite

Web Manager

Net Optics Web Manager for Director Web Manager ist eine Webbrowser-basierte Management-Konsole, die von jedem Ort der Welt aus das Remote-Management mit Net Optics iTaps kompatibler Geräte ermöglicht. Mit Web Manager können Sie Ihre Geräte daheim, in Ihrem Büro oder unterwegs konfigurieren und jederzeit den Geräte-Status überwachen. Remote-Management ist nicht nur bequem, sondern ermöglicht Ihnen auch, Zeit und Kosten für die Wege zwischen Gebäuden und Standorten zu sparen, die Sie andernfalls zurücklegen müssten, um zu Ihren Geräten zu gelangen. Geben Sie einfach die IP-Adresse des gewünschten Gerätes in die Adresszeile Ihres bevorzugten Webbrowsers ein und greifen Sie im Handumdrehen darauf zu.

Web Manager unterstützt alle gängigen Webbrowser wie Firefox, Safari und den Microsoft Internet Explorer. Die Seiten sind schlank und werden selbst über kabellose Verbindungen schnell geladen. Einfache Formulare helfen bei der Konfiguration der Geräte und geben auf einen Blick Aufschluss über ihren Gesamtstatus.

Jedes iTap-kompatible Gerät enthält die für den jeweiligen Modelltyp spezifische Web-Manager-Seite. Ob Sie den Gerätestatus prüfen, einen Port deaktivieren oder eine Verbindung ändern möchten - mit dem Web Manager haben Sie jede Aufgabe mit wenigen Mausklicks erledigt.
  • Grafische Schnittstelle für die Geräteverwaltung
  • In Director eingebettet
  • Anwenderfreundliche GUI-Schnittstelle
  • Anzeige von Geräte- und Verbindungs-Status
  • Konfiguration von Director-Hardware und -Filtern
  • Portnamen und Alias
  • Rollenbasierte Benutzerrechte
  • RADIUS- und TACACS+-Authentifikation und Autorisation
  • Sicherheit durch Passwort und isolierten Management-Port
  • Zugriff von jedem Webbrowser aus, einschließlich Safari, Firefox und Internet Explorer

Kommandozeile - Command Line Interface (CLI)

Die Kommandozeile ist jedem Netzwerkadministrator vertraut. Über eine SSH-Remote-Verbindung oder eine lokale Verbindung über den seriellen RS-232-Anschluss bietet die Kommandozeile Transparenz und Kontrolle für jeden Aspekt von Konfiguration und Betrieb.
  • Textbasierte Schnittstelle für die Geräteverwaltung
  • In Director-Gerät eingebettet
  • Vertraute Kommandozeilen-Syntax für das Switch-Management
  • Anzeige von Geräte- und Verbindungs-Status
  • Konfiguration von Director-Hardware und -Filtern
  • Portnamen und Alias
  • Rollenbasierte Benutzerrechte
  • RADIUS- und TACACS+-Authentifikation und -Autorisation
  • Passwort-gesichert
  • Remote-Zugriff über SSH
  • Software-Zugriff zur Terminalemulation über den lokalen seriellen Port


DIR-6400P: Director Pro, Main Chassis, 2 DNM Bays, 10 SFP Ports, 3 XFP Ports
DIR-3400P: Director Pro, Main Chassis, 2 DNM Bays, 10 SFP Ports
DIR-6400P-DC: Director Pro, Main Chassis, 2 DNM Bays, 10 SFP Ports, 3 XFP Ports, -48V
DIR-3400P-DC: Director Pro, Main Chassis, 2 DNM Bays, 10 SFP Ports, -48V

DNM-100: 10/100/1000 Copper In-Line Module
DNM-101: 10/100/1000 Copper In-Line Module, w/VZD
DNM-110: 10/100/1000 Copper Span Module
DNM-200: GigaBit SX Fiber In-Line Module
DNM-220: GigaBit 50µm SX Fiber In-Line Module
DNM-210: GigaBit SX Fiber Span Module
DNM-230: GigaBit 50µm SX Fiber Span Module
DNM-300: GigaBit 1310nm LX Fiber In-Line Module
DNM-320: GigaBit 1550nm ZX Fiber In-Line Module
DNM-310: GigaBit 1310nm LX Fiber Span Module
DNM-330: GigaBit 1550nm ZX Fiber Span Module


  • Die Herstellergarantie von Ixia/Net Optics beträgt standardmässig 1 Jahr ab Kaufdatum

  • Optional kann diese Garantie um 1-2 Jahre erweitert werden
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