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 - Produktfoto - Director Network Module, 10/100/1000Base-T mit Zero Delay
Director Network Module, 10/100/1000Base-T mit Zero Delay

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Director Network Module (DNM) is a pluggable, field upgradeable Director module with 12 network ports. Depending on the DNM model, each module provides 6 in-line links or 12 Span ports, supporting Gigabit SX/LX/ZX Fiber or 10/100/1000 Copper media.

Trouble-Free Protection Against Link, Application and Power Failure

DNM-101 is changing the way the world stays online. This mighty module with Net Optics™ new Virtual Zero Delay™ (VZD) circuitry keeps traffic passing should a Director™ or Director Pro™ lose power. It´s all you need for continuous uptime - protecting your network, links and applications - no matter what!

The New Way to Say Reliability

Net Optics new DNM-101 Module´s innovative Virtual Zero Delay circuitry guarantees that your Director™ and Director Pro™ in-line copper connections will never lose their links when power goes off for whatever reason - such as power failures or during planned power up and power down events. In the past, link renegotiation has been a major challenge for copper Taps, costing precious seconds or minutes of link downtime when Tap power transitions. DNM-101 VZD eliminates those lengthy renegotiation cycles by preserving the link state through power transitions, as if no break existed.

DNM-101: The "Good Night´s Sleep" Module

Now you can stop worrying about power and application failures. This revolutionary new technology, available exclusively from Net Optics, improves network reliability dramatically when using copper taps. It eliminates the delay typically caused when other Taps lose power. That small delay can cascade into much longer delays as devices on the link detect a failure and attempt to re-establish communication. The DNM-101 module is quick and simple to install in your Director or Director Pro.

DNM-101 offers 12 copper ports for 6 in-line "Tap" connections and easily plugs in to all models of Director and Director Pro.

Director Network Module, Inline, 10/100/1000Base-T, 12 Ports, mit Virtual Zero Delay

Hardware throughput: 12Gbps
Network recovery time: 40ms at 1Gbps
RMON statistics: Current utilization, peak utilization, peak time, total packets, total bytes, CRC errors, collision packets, oversize packets, undersize packets. Available via Indigo Management Software.
Alarms: Utilization threshold alarm for each network port programmable through Director CLI

Dimensions:1.35´ high x 10.38´ deep x 5.05´ wide
Weight: 1.5lbs

(All ports) Link LEDs (with speed indication on Copper ports), (All ports) Activity LEDs

Fully RoHS compliant

(12) RJ45 Network Ports 10/100/1000Mbps
(6) In-line
22-24 AWG unshielded twisted pair cable, CAT5e or better recommended

Compatible with all models of Director and Director Pro

Part Numbers
10/100/1000 Copper In-Line,VZD Module: DNM-101


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