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New! iBypass™ HD 4.0 Software Update Streamlines Management for Peak Performance

Intuitive New Web User Interface Plus Greater Capabilities Help Keep Your Network Safe and Available

Now you can do more to defend and optimize your network—and do it more easily with iBypass HD's new software version 4.0. We've added new features and functions to the highest-density bypass solution on the market—starting with an enhanced user experience. Check out the big news on Version 4.0 .

Secure new web user interface (Web UI) adds management convenience

This advanced new Web UI makes it even easier to manage and configure all aspects of your iBypass HD. It does everything that the CLI does—plus the link, bypass, and high-availability status is easily viewed on a colorful graphic display, and the Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) model is preserved.

The Web UI is organized as three tabbed pages:

  • Status tab -A table of all of the traffic statistics for all 32 ports.

  • Configuration tab - Including all of the functions affecting bypass switch operations.

  • System tab - Shows all system-level configurations, i.e., the total CLI functionality not included on the Configuration page.

Various sub-tabs organize the device's complex configuration options into easy-to-grasp logical modules.

More Versatile and Convenient Bypass Management Options!

  • Heartbeat Recovery Counter—The heartbeat command has a new parameter called “match_count” that lets you delay exiting Bypass On mode until system recovery has stabilized.

  • The “heartbeat show” command calculates and shows the recovery time based on the values of the “match_count”, “interval”, and “unit” parameters.

  • Segment Group Link Fault Detect (LFD) significantly reduces the network edge ports link down/up time by allowing link faults to propagate instantly across multiple segments. This option is critical when you use several segments as bypass switches or taps in series on a link

  • Maintenance mode enables users to perform maintenance on a single tool that is part of a segment group without bypassing the entire group.

  • Heartbeat unit resolution means that Bypass timing can now be performed over a much wider range by configuring the Heartbeat interval in units of seconds, milliseconds, or microseconds.

  • Faster High Availability failover time allows great improvement in HA switching reaction speed.

This version supports models IBP-8000 and IBP-8000-DC with all 10/100/1000 Copper and Gigabit Fiber DBMs (DBM-100, DBM-200, DBM-250, DBM-300).

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