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Director Xstream™ Logo The emergence of 10 Gigabit speeds in the networking market means ever more complex, multi-protocol traffic.
With voice, data, and video sharing the same network links, monitoring traffic for performance and security issues is more important than ever before.
Organizations recognize the need to build monitoring access into the architecture of 10G networks from day one, and Net Optics Director Xstream is the ideal foundation for a 10G Monitoring Access Platform (MAP).

Load Balances
Load Balances

Director Xstream™
Director Xstream™
Director Xstream is a data monitoring switch that aggregates, regenerates, switches, filters, and load balances monitoring traffic. With the highest density of 10G ports in the monitoring industry - 16 10G network ports plus 8 10G monitor ports in 1U of rack space - Director Xstream empowers the NOC to share a pool of monitoring tools across a large number of network links.
If more network or monitor ports are required, any port can be used for either network or monitor. In fact, by splitting the cables into separate transmit and receive fibers, a total of 24 network inputs and 24 monitor outputs are available for concurrent use.
Moreover, all of Director Xstream's 24 ports are SFP+ slots, so they can accommodate 1G SFP as well as 10G SFP+ transceivers, and support any type of media. In-line link connections require external Taps.

TapFlow™ Filtering
Your pool of monitoring tools can handle more traffic, more links, and more protocols by using the Director Xstream TapFlow filtering technology to send each tool only the traffic-of-interest for its particular purpose. The TapFlow hardware filtering engine processes traffic at full 10 Gbps line speeds, enabling you to select traffic by protocols, IP addresses, TCP/UDP ports, VLANs, and more.

Aggregation, Regeneration, and Switching
Director Xstream provides one-to-one, many-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many mappings of network links and Span ports to monitor ports. Traffic from any set of network links and Span ports can be aggregated into a single stream and copied to any monitor port.
In addition, the same aggregated traffic stream can be regenerated to multiple monitor ports at the same time, enabling different groups to monitor the same data without conflicts. Multiple distinct aggregation and regeneration operations can function simultaneously without impacting speed or data integrity, even for fully-utilized 10-Gbps ports.

Diagram - Load Balancing Traffic to Multiple Devices
Diagram - Load Balancing Traffic to Multiple Devices
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Load Balancing
In a monitoring application, Load Balancing splits the traffic into multiple streams so the data can be processed by two or more tools working in parallel.
Director Xstream supports static Load Balancing that takes the traffic from any network port or aggregated set of network ports and distributes it to two, three, four, or up to eight monitor ports. The load can be balanced by IP address, port, protocol, VLAN, and MAC address, or any other packet header field.

Data Rate Media Conversion
SFP+ ports enable Director Xstream to support both 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps links and tools, with any type of copper or fiber media. Just plug in the appropriate SFP (1G) or SFP+ (10G) transceiver modules to match the interfaces of your links and tools.
Director Xstream automatically performs the data rate and media type conversions. Your CAPEX is lowered because you can apply tools to links with dissimilar media rather than purchasing new tools. For example, traffic from a 10-Gbps fiber link can be filtered or load balanced to multiple 1-Gbps copper-interface monitoring tools; and multiple 1-Gbps LX links can be aggregated to a 10-Gbps SR monitoring tool.

Dual Power Supplies
Director Xstream has two independent power supplies that provide fault tolerance: If one power supply loses power, the unit continues operating on the remaining supply. The power supply modules are hot-swappable, so your monitoring capability does not need to be uninterrupted if a power supply needs replacement. Both universal AC and -48VDC (telco) models are available.

Ease of Use
  • LEDs indicate Link, Activity, and Power status
  • Net Optics Indigo management software enables remote configuration and monitoring of Director Xstream and other iTap-enabled devices throughout the network
  • Compatible with all major manufacturers' monitoring devices, including protocol analyzers, probes, firewalls, and intrusion detection/prevention systems
Easy Configuration
Indigo™ management software provides a command-line interface (CLI) for setting Director Xstream parameters and filters and checking status and traffic statistics with a few keystrokes.
The CLI can be accessed locally through an RS232 serial port, or remotely with a secure SSH connection. It is fully backward compatible with the Director CLI. GUI management interfaces will be available soon.

Security and Reliability
Director Xstream is a secure and reliable appliance that delivers unsurpassed monitoring access flexibility. It handles network traffic entirely in hardware, so there is no software to be loaded, maintained, or compromised.
(The secure embedded management firmware cannot perturb the network data path.) Configuration variables and TapFlow filters can be changed only through the device's management port, so your monitoring access is immune to viruses, worms, and other attacks that pass through the Director Xstream network ports.
Director Xstream maintains its configuration and TapFlow filters even when power is absent, making it a true appliance.

Doing Our Part
Net Optics is dedicated to ensuring user safety, and developing products that are environmentally friendly. Director Xstream adheres to UL and CE safety certifications; FCC, VCCI, and C-Tick EMC certifications; and RoHS and WEEE environmental certifications.
Net Optics is dedicated to ensuring user safety, and developing products that are environmentally friendly. Director Xstream adheres to UL and CE safety certifications; FCC, VCCI, and C-Tick EMC certifications; and RoHS and WEEE environmental certifications.

Passive, Secure Technology

  • Switches, aggregates, and regenerates traffic from 24 10G/1G SFP+ ports
  • Ports allocated as 16 network, 8 monitor, but any port can be used as network, monitor, or both
  • Load Balancing based on
       - IP address
       - IP subnet
       - TCP/UDP port
       - MAC address
       - Protocol
       - VLAN
       - User-definable field
  • Any-to-any port mapping
  • Supports media type and data rate conversion with SPF+ ports
  • Includes low-latency, hardware-based TapFlow filtering engine to send tools only traffic of interest
  • Provides RMON statistics such as packet counts, bandwidth utilization, and threshold alarms to increase monitoring efficiency
  • No interference with the data stream and no point of failure introduced
  • Remote traffic statistics and configuration
  • Security options control user access
  • Redundant power ensures uptime
  • Compatible with all Net Optics Taps and Bypass Switches
  • IEEE 802.3 compliant
  • Fully RoHS compliant

Technical Specifications

Operating Specifications:
Operating Temperature: 0°C to 40°C
Storage Temperature: -10°C to 70°C
Relative Humidity: 10% min, 95% max, non-condensing

Mechanical Specifications:
Dimensions: 1.75" high x 19" deep x 17.5" wide (4,5 cm high x 48,2 cm deep x 44,5 cm wide)
AC Input Power: 100-240V, 4.5A, 47-63Hz (Japan: 100-125VAC, ~120 VA, 50-60Hz)
DC Input Power: -48VDC nominal. -36 to -72VDC, 4.0A

Fiber Optic Interfaces: (24) SFP+
Management Port: (1) RJ45 10/100 Copper Network
Configuration (CLI) Port: (1) RJ45 RS232
Power: (2) AC universal or (2) -48VDC
DC Receptacle: Terminal block, 12-14 gauge wire

Hardware throughput: 240 Gbps; no packets dropped as long as monitor traffic does not exceed monitor port bandwidth

Indigo Management Software:
CLI - local RS232 and remote SSH, compatible with Director CLI
Net Optics Web Manager - compatible with all major Web browsers (availability TBD)
Net Optics System Manager - compatible with Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows 98 (availability TBD)

Fully RoHS compliant

Management Suite

Web Manager

Net Optics Web Manager for Director Web Manager is a Web browser-based management console that enables remote management of Net Optics iTap-enabled devices from anywhere in the world. Web Manger empowers you to configure devices or check their status whether you are in your office, at home, or on the road. Besides convenience, remote management also helps reduce the time and cost spent walking, driving, or flying between buildings and locations to service devices. Simply type the IP address of the device into the address bar of your favorite Web browser to connect to the device as if it was within arm's reach.

Web Manager runs on all of the popular Web browsers including Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Internet Explorer. Pages are lightweight and load quickly, even over wireless connections. Simple forms make configuring devices easy, and reveal complete device status at a glance.

Each iTap-enabled device holds the Web Manager page specific to its model type. Whether the task at hand is to check device status, disable a port, or change a connection, Web Manager gets the job done in just a few quick mouse clicks.
  • Graphical device management interface
  • Embedded in Director
  • User-friendly GUI interface
  • View device and link status
  • Configure Director hardware and filters
  • Port names and aliases
  • Role-based privileges
  • RADIUS and TACACS+ authentication and authorization
  • Secured with password and isolated management port
  • Access from any Web browser including Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer

Command Line Interface (CLI)

Net Optics Command Line Interface (CLI) for Director The command-line interface (CLI) will be familiar to any network administrator. Running over a remote SSH connection or a local RS-232 serial link, the CLI provides visibility and control of every aspect of configuration and operation.
  • Text-based device management interface
  • Embedded in Director device
  • Familiar switch-management CLI syntax
  • View device and link status
  • Configure Director hardware and filters
  • Port names and aliases
  • Role-based privileges
  • RADIUS and TACACS+ authentication and authorization
  • Password-secured
  • Remote SSH access
  • Local serial port terminal emulation software access

If you're interested in getting more sophisticated information about your network traffic and to manage Net Optics devices in one centralized box please have look at

Part Numbers

Director xStream:
- XF-2DIR, Director xStream Main Chassis with 24 SFP+ ports
- XF-2DIR-DC, Director xStream Main Chassis with 24 SFP+ ports, -48VDC
- XF-2PWRAC, 1 AC power supply module
- XF-2PWRDC, 1 DC power supply module
- XF-2FAN, 1 Replacement fan module

SFP/SFP+ Kits:
- SFP+KT-SR, 10G Fiber SR SFP+ Transceiver
- SFP+KT-50SR, 10G Fiber SR 50um SFP+ Transceiver
- SFP+KT-LR, 10G Fiber LR SFP+ Transceiver
- SFPKT-SX, 1G Fiber SX SFP Transceiver
- SFPKT-50SX, 1G Fiber SX 50um SFP Transceiver
- SFPKT-LX, 1G Fiber LX SFP Transceiver
- SFPKT-GCU, 1G Copper SFP Transceiver


  • All Ixia/Net Optics products come standard with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty

  • Optional 1 or 2 year extended warranty available at time of product purchase
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