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Indigo Pro™ - Management Platform for Physical and Virtual Implementations
Indigo Pro™ - Management Platform for Physical and Virtual Implementations
At a Glance
  • Device management and configuration
  • Rich graphical data visualization
  • At-a-glance dashboard views
  • Subnet-organized network topology map
  • View snapshot and historical data
  • Audit trail
  • Fault and event management
  • Third-party device management
  • Trap and email forwarding
  • Business logic alerts
  • Print and export to CSV files
  • Improves network visibility and security threat management
  • Monitors traffic levels and quality across the network
  • Centralized access to data from large numbers of devices
  • Compatible with Director, Director Pro, xBalancer, and iTap devices
  • Quick and simple deployment
  • Entry-level virtual appliance support
  • Northbound traps allow sending of SNMP alarms to any device of choice
  • Improved Syslog integration and customized configuration for advanced environments
  • Automated Indigo Pro backup and restore capabilities
Coming Soon!
  • Supported devices backup and restore
  • Cloud-based updates for IP appliance and supported managed devices
  • Support for xStream devices
  • Easily manages several to hundreds of monitoring access devices
To cope with skyrocketing traffic levels and escalating security threats, today’s networks employ sophisticated, pervasive monitoring capabilities. The resulting architecture incorporates dozens - or even hundreds - of Taps and data monitoring switch devices, all integrated into a Monitoring Access Platform (MAP) within the network infrastructure. But along with the vital advantages of this architecture comes the challenge of managing these access devices.

Now, the Indigo Pro™ Platform gives you the robust, comprehensive management capabilities you need in order to manage very large deployments of wired, wireless, and virtual solutions. This versatile platform also allows growing networks to expand their management and planning capabilities to keep pace with increasing needs as devices are added. Indigo Pro eases configuration and monitoring of Taps, virtual Taps, data monitoring switches, and network controller switches - turning them all into a fully orchestrated and coordinated monitoring resource.

Indigo Pro™ Physical and Virtual Appliance Administration
Indigo Pro is delivered either as a physical appliance or as a virtual appliance in VMware or Xen-compatible format. As a software solution Indigo Pro Manager is available at a significantly lower cost than the physical appliance. Deployment is amazingly simple too, because a fast, fully automated discovery process quickly identifies supported Net Optics and third-party devices throughout the network. Indigo Pro also checks continuously for devices added, removed or taken offline. A dynamic network topology map instantly shows the 'up' or 'down' status of all supported devices. Clicking on a device object/icon drills down into detailed device status and configuration information, as well as the status of attached links.

New! Enhanced Device Management
Indigo Pro now manages a significantly larger portfolio of Net Optics devices than previous versions, as well as offering additional capabilities, including cluster administration and daisy chain view. All of these resources give you unprecedented superior control over data flowing in and out of your Net Optics devices. Any port can be toggled at the click of a mouse, while the interface also enables setting of device system parameters such as IP address and hierarchal user accounts. In addition, intelligent/phased bulk software upgrades can be scheduled for any number of devices.
To improve troubleshooting and issue-resolution, Indigo Pro collects and displays event messages from monitored devices to generate alerts when faults or other network events of interest occur. Plus, enriched user controls mean that only one user can be logged in to read/write mode, reducing confusion and increasing auditing and accountability.

New! Comprehensive Configuration Management
The latest version of Indigo Pro takes scripting execution and management to new levels. Sophisticated configuration management means that users can now identify threshold-triggered events and actions. In addition, you can create and configure filters on any devices administered by Indigo Pro.

Indigo Pro™ Network Topology Diagram

Improved Data Visualization Throughout
Indigo Pro gathers data in real time from Net Optics traffic access devices, archives it in a database for historical trend analysis, and then presents it in rich graphical formats through a Web browser interface. Both IT and business users benefit from the efficiency, accuracy, and cost savings they realize by employing Indigo Pro to monitor network health and trouble spots. But it doesn't stop there: Indigo Pro is also a vital resource for growth and capacity planning and performing compliance activities.
Indigo Pro's enriched capabilities include more visibility and presentation options, with an increased number of charts or dashboards per user - and users can now define their own views of interest. Indigo Pro will even remember and create a user-specific 'home page' upon login to save time and offer up relevant data faster.
Traffic statistics displayed include bandwidth utilization, byte and packet counts, errors, and jumbo frames - all viewable on a device-by-device basis. In addition, a dashboard can be configured to confederate the data from multiple links and devices for an at-a-glance overview of network traffic activity.

Security and User Management
The Indigo Pro Platform delivers a total solution to all NMS security-related issues. All user actions are inspected and audited against a permissions profile and logged to an audit trail. The system's security is structured in three layers:
  • Authenticated and encrypted sessions between the client Web browsers and the server throughout a user's entire sessions
  • User authentication by a login session based on a user name and password
  • Role-based access control and device locking to ensure that a given user can perform certain actions on specific devices with read or write permissions. These are based on a global policy that meets the organization's compliance standards
Comparison between Indigo Pro Hardware Appliance and Indigo Pro Virtual Appliance features:
Features  Indigo Pro Hardware Appliance (Hardware)  Indigo Pro Virtual Appliance (Software*)
Entry level licensing option
Rack space and Power svings
Large scale capabilities and capacity     
Fast device discovery
Fault and event management
Bulk Software upgrades
Device configirguration and element management
Device view
Data Analysis
Web-based user interface
User account management
3rd party device management
Enterprise integration (syslog, policy based trap forwarding, Radius, Role Based Access Control
* VMware and Citrix Virtual Appliance

Technical Specifications


Device discovery: automatic, fast
Data visualization: snapshot and historical; utilization, total bytes, total packets, Jumbo packets CRC errors; dashboard views
Dashboard: up to 9 graphs
Security: profile-based permissions and views; comprehensive audit trail; role-based access control
Network topology map: organized by subnet
Data export: print, export to CSV file
Device management (device dependent): port settings, device system settings, device user accounts
Event logging and Fault management: device dependent
Scheduler: schedule bulk device software upgrades


Operating Temperature: 0°C to 35°C
Storage Temperature: -10°C to 70°C
Relative Humidity: 10% min, 95% max, non-condensing


Dimensions: 1.75" high x 23.5" deep x 19"wide
Mounting: 19" rack mount (1U)
Weight: 26 lbs (11.8kg)

Electrical Specifications

Power: 100-240VAC, 47-63Hz 650W PFC
Redundancy: Dual modules
Maintenance: Power supplies are hot-swappable


Power, disk activity, network 1 activity, network 2 activity, over temperature warning


FCC, CE, VCCI, and C-Tick certified
Fully RoHS and WEEE compliant

Supported Web Browsers

Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari
Note: Java support must be enabled in the browser

Supported Devices

Net Optics Director models
Net Optics Director Pro models

Net Optics xBalancer
Net Optics iTap 10 GigaBit Fiber Port Aggregator
Net Optics iTap GigaBit Fiber Port Aggregator
Net Optics iTap Triple-speed Fiber Port Aggregator

Licensing Options

Indigo Virtual - 25, 50, 100, 250, 500 managed nodes
Indigo Manager Pro - 50, 100, 250, 1,000 managed devices


All products include a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. A service plan with up to 7 years coverage and an advanced replacement option is available.

Part Numbers

Indigo Pro (Software)
- IP-VA025M Indigo Virtual, 25 nodes
- IP-VA050M Indigo Virtual, 50 nodes
- IP-VA0100M Indigo Virtual, 100 nodes
- IP-VA0250M Indigo Virtual, 250 nodes
- IP-VA0500M Indigo Virtual, 500 nodes
Indigo Pro (Hardware)
- IP-2050M Indigo Manager Pro, 50 nodes
- IP-2100M Indigo Manager Pro, 100 nodes
- IP-2250M Indigo Manager Pro, 250 nodes
- IP-2102M Indigo Manager Pro, 1,000 nodes


  • All Ixia/Net Optics products come standard with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty

  • Optional 1 or 2 year extended warranty available at time of product purchase
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