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Easy full-duplex monitoring with a single NIC per deviceThe iTap 10 GigaBit Port Aggregator is Net Optics’ most flexible network monitoring Tap for 10 GigaBit networks. As more traffic converges onto higher speed network links, the need to maintain application, performance, and security standards has never been greater. Fortunately, capturing the data needed to keep a network running has never been easier, with this device’s combination of network interfaces supported, XFP choices for monitor ports, easy-to-use management functionality, and new filtering options.

Aggregation Flexibility
The iTap 10GigaBit Port Aggregator combines and regenerates both directions of a full-duplex stream, sending aggregated traffic out one or two separate monitoring ports. Typically, full-duplex monitoring would require two NICs (or a dual-channel NIC) in the monitoring tool—one interface for each side of the full-duplex link. Aggregation allows one or two tools to simultaneously monitor a link using only one NIC per tool. Redundant tools and appliances are now easily attached to the link to monitor data, voice, and video traffic when needed. If a monitoring resource is required elsewhere in the network, at least one tool or appliance is always available to monitor vital traffic. Or, two different types of tools can monitor the same link simultaneously, enabling different groups to obtain the data they need without contention.
Einfache Handhabung
  • LEDs informieren über Auslastung, Alarm, redundante Stromversorgung, physikalischer Link und Netzwerk-Aktivität
  • Frontseitig verfügbare Anschlüsse ermöglichen eine einfache Installation und Inbetriebnahme
  • Alle notwendigen Netzwerk- und Monitoringkabel sind beigelegt
  • Optionale 19-Zoll Rackframes bieten Platz für 2 iTaps
  • Kompatibel mit allen bekannten Herstellern von Monitoring-Geräten sowie Protokoll-Analysegeräten, Messgeräten, als auch IPS/IDS

Information Intelligence
The iTap functionality provides displays in GUI form and on the front panel to view link utilization levels in real time. See the size and time of the last peak, when thresholds are exceeded, and more. A 10/100 management port interface enables remote management and monitoring from anywhere in the network, giving you the information you need to quickly respond to network events.

Indigo Management Software
Net Optics Web Manager and System Manager let you remotely set parameters, view status information, and monitor traffic statistical data. These interfaces provide security and performance information such as the number of oversized packets and CRC errors. Remotely set alarm thresholds, clear traffic data counters, and turn on or off a Monitor Port.

Web Manager - a browser-based interface that lets you change settings, view status, and retrieve data remotely with simple-to-use controls. View all configuration, status, and traffic data from a single page. Changes to the configuration can be made with a few clicks of the mouse.

System Manager - an SNMP management platform that offers centralized control of all Net Optics iTap devices in the network, to manage your entire monitoring access platform. As with Web Manager, you can view all status, configuration, and traffic information and make changes quickly to any iTap in the system. Each iTap can also be assigned to groups that identify workgroup, location, or organizational naming criteria. View SNMP trap information for system, thresholds, link, and power status. And, take advantage of easy-to-use reporting tools to baseline network behavior and share with upper management and colleagues. Existing industry standard SNMP management platforms can also be fully integrated using Net Optics Management Information Base (MIB).

Security – Optional functionality lets users configure the Port Aggregator so it will not display data on the LCD, and to disable the Management Port, thus preventing it from being accessed from the network. The Monitor Ports can also be turned off to prevent unauthorized access to the network link.

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Port Aggregation with value-added statistics reporting

Enhanced Traffic Monitoring
An optional timestamping function appends a 32-bit timestamp to each packet sent to the monitor ports. This feature provides valuable information for tools that can process timestamp data to analyze detailed network timing. The timestamp includes a bit that indicates which network port the packet originated from.

An optional packet slicing function copies only the first N bytes of each packet to the monitor ports, for monitoring applications that only need to see header or front-of-packet information. Use of this feature can substantially reduce bandwidth on the monitor ports so even high rates of full-duplex traffic won’t exceed the monitor port or tool capacity. Packet slicing is also useful for applications such as lawful intercept where the monitor tool may be legally prohibited from seeing packet payload data.

Additional options for conditioning the data copied to the monitor ports includes the ability to drop packets with CRC errors, to regenerate good CRC check bytes, and to restrict the maximum packet size to an amount set by the user.

Because of the amount of traffic and business dependency on today’s networks it is important that 100 percent of the data that crosses a link, even layer 1 and 2 errors, is captured. When Span ports, hubs, or installing a tool or appliance in-line are not options, an in-line Tap provides the right alternative for compliance, forensics, and network and applications trouble-shooting.

In the event the monitoring tool or Tap exhibits a power outage, the Net Optics hardware-based Fast Path function ensures that traffic across the link is not interrupted. Traffic to the monitor ports is stopped, but quickly re-established once power returns.

Redundant power connections in the Tap provide unsurpassed uptime protection.

Cables Included!Out of the Box Installation
Getting started is a snap with Net Optics. All necessary network and monitoring cables for plug-and-play deployment are included with the Tap. Everything you need, right out of the box.

Doing Our Part
We are dedicated to ensuring user safety, minimizing power consumption, and developing products that are increasingly more environment friendly. Each of our Taps adheres to UL and CE safety certifications, FCC, VCCI, and C-Tick EMC certifications, and RoHS and WEEE environmental certifications.

Application Diagram

Application Diagram


Flexibilität durch Aggregation Information Intelligence Verlässlichkeit
Zugriff & Management Erweitertes Traffic Monitoring Alles in einem Paket

Passive, Secure Technology

  • Zweizeiliges Display zur Überwachung der Auslastung auf einen Blick
  • LED-Alarm bei Überschreitung der Grenzwerte
  • Fernwartung inklusive Statistikabruf
  • Benutzerverwaltung zur Verhinderung nicht autorisierter Zugriffe
  • Unterstützt Full-Duplex Überwachung mit einer einzelnen Netzwerkkarte => erhöhte Monitoring-Effizienz
  • Bietet vollständige Full-Duplex Sichtbarkeit bei 10Gbps ohne Dateninterferenz/Point of Failure
  • Leitet den kompletten Netzwerkverkehr für eine allumfassende Netzwerkanalyse (inkl. CRC Errors) weiter
  • Redundant ausgelegte Stromversorgung
  • IEEE 802.3 konform
  • RoHS konform

Technical Specifications

Operating Specifications:

Operating Temperature: 0°C to 40°C
Storage Temperature: -10°C to 70°C
Relative Humidity: 10% min, 95% max, non condensing

Mechanical Specifications:

Power Supply:
100-240 VAC, 0.5A, 47-63Hz
Output: 12V, 5A
Dimensions: 1.375" high x 11.0" deep x 8.75" wide (3,5 cm high x 28 cm deep x 22,2 cm wide)


Cable Type: Singlemode, Corning 8.5/125µm, wavelength 1310nm
Gigabit LR 1310nm, VCSEL
Monitor Port: Output Power: -5 dB
Splitter Specifications:
50/50: Network Port, 3.7 dB
Link Distance Supported: 2 km


Cable Type: Multimode, Corning 50/125µm, wavelength 850nm
Transceiver: Gigabit SR 850nm, VCSEL
Monitor Port: Output Power: -5 dB
Splitter Specifications: 50/50: Network Port, 4.5 dB
Link Distance Supported: 220 meters


Command Line Interface: Any terminal emulation software
Net Optics WebManager: Any browser
Net Optics System Manager: Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP


(2) XFP slots for XFP modular connectors
(2) Duplex LC connectors (network ports)


Fully RoHS compliant

Part Numbers:


Management Suite

  • Web Manager, Browser-basiertes Interface zur Fernüberwachung und Kontrolle über einzelne Taps
  • Net Optics System Manager zur Fernwartung und Überwachung mehrerer Taps via Netzwerk mit Hilfe von SNMP
  • Net Optics Management Information Base (MIB) ist voll kompatibel mit SNMP Verwaltungsprogrammen aller führenden Hersteller
  • Mittels SNMP Trap wird man proaktiv über Grenzwert- überschreitungen, wie z.B. Auslastung oder Stromversorgung, alarmiert

Part Numbers

iTap 10 GigaBit SR Port Aggregator Tap
  • IPA-50SR5-XFP
XFP Modules (minimum order Qty 1 per unit)
  • XFPKT-SR (10 Gigabit Fiber SR XFP)
  • XFPKT-LR (10 Gigabit Fiber LR XFP)
2-Slot iTap Rack Mount Frame
  • RK-iTP2


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