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External Link to - In-line monitoring vs. NetFlow or sFlow
Aug 2009 - Plixer CEO Mike Patterson gives his take on the Net Optics
External Link to - Virtualized Network Security Monitoring Platforms
Jan 2009 - I see that you have, in your classes, used VM's to run your network monitoring tools from ...
External Link to - Expert Commentary on SPAN and RSPAN Weaknesses
Dec 2007 - It's no secret I am a fan of using taps instead of switch SPAN ports when instrumenting networks ...
External Link to - Tap vs Lightning Strike
Nov 2007 - Earlier this year my lab suffered a near lightning strike. A tree right outside the lab was struck ...
External Link to - SPAN Port or TAP? CSO Beware (by Tim O´Neill)
Aug 2007 - Is SPAN port a viable data access technology for today´s business critical networks ... ?
External Link to - Incident Response Clarifications
Mar 2007 - Recently I posted Five Thoughts on Incident Response. Based on the comments and some blog responses ...
External Link to - Cool News Taps from Net Optics
Apr 2006 - You know I am always on the prowl for new networking gear to perform network security monitoring ...
External Link to,%20Part%20Deux - Taps and Hubs, Part Deux
Dec 2005 - Yesterday I described why the scenario depicted above does not work. Notice, however, that the hub ...
External Link to,%20Ever%20Mix - Taps and Hubs Never, Ever Mix
Dec 2005 - I've written about not using taps with hubs in January 2004 and again in a prereview of Snort Cookbook ...
External Link to - Tap on a PCI Card
May 2005 - Those of you who've read my first book know I like to use taps built by Net Optics to access wired traffic ...
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