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Jan 7th, 2018

Cubro presents its NEW High-Density Copper Tap - FlexTAP 10/100/1000

If you want access to complete network data by deploying a simple tool which is easy to install and scalable at the same time, then Cubro's new high-density Copper TAP - FlexTAP 10/100/1000 is an ideal solution. The network TAP offers the smallest footprint - 21 links in one 19 inches and 3 U size and has best price and performance compared to any other similar solution available in the market.

The Cubro FlexTAP T-10-100-1000 allows the uninterrupted passage of full duplex data over standard Category 5/6 copper network cable. Featuring auto-negotiating between 10Mbps, 100Mbps and 1000Mbps, this TAP duplicates the network signals, including any existing physical errors, to the transmit-only monitoring ports. This advanced Cubro FlexTAP is a fully new development based on the latest PHY chips. There are some special add-ons available like PoE transparent (PoE = Power over Ethernet).

The major advantage of this concept is easy expansion and installation. Consider a situation where there are 21 single TAPs deployed. In this case, 42 power cords would be required, and such a large number of power cords can easily lead to a tangled mess. Compared to other solutions with separate TAPs, the new FlexTAP has only two power connectors for 21 TAPs.

Functions / Benefits:
  • The standard function supports fast link recovery, to ensure the fastest possible time to re-establish a link after a power down. This time is also related to the link partners and fully predictable.
  • The unit allows to look at the physical details and change some parameters for a faster recovery.
  • Fastest switchover time, without dropping the live link
  • Smallest footprint - 21 links in one 19 inches and 3 U size
  • Best price and performance
  • Flexible power solution 230 AC and 48 V DC
  • Low power design (green data centre)

10/100/1000 Aggregation and Filter application
The image in Figure 1 shows a fully equipped FlexTAP chassis. The Cubro EX5-2 can support tapping, aggregation and filtering up to 21 links in one 19 inches 3 U small footprints. A similar solution from other vendors needs double the size compared to the Cubro solution.

Fastest switchover time
The fast switchover time prevents activation of link protection mechanism because the switching time is so fast that the link partners do not recognize the switch over. As a result, only a few packets are dropped. For example, while tapping a sip link the call stays established during switchover and only a word is missing. This is a big advantage, especially for operators.

This fast switchover is realized without using battery inside the TAP and it is another advantage because a battery is a serviced item and adds additional issues and cost to the system.

Installation - the flexible and easy to install solution consists of 4 parts:
1) 10/100/1000 TAP blade
2) 19 inches rack
3) Power module (230 V DC or 48 DC)
4) Fan module

About Cubro
For carriers, data centres, defence organisations and all enterprises who want to secure and manage the growing network traffic by having complete network visibility, Cubro Network Visibility offers solutions that deliver high ROI, cutting-edge features, and exceptional reliability. Unlike other companies, Cubro does not burden customers with annual port and software licensing fees. Our network visibility products offer simple and scalable solutions through applications like monitoring, filtering, aggregation, and metadata extraction which result in improved network performance.?

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