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Indigo Pro, ControTower, Control Tower, IndigoPro Additional hardware and software for our products and solutions.
  • Indigo Pro
    Indigo Pro

    Centralized Configuration and Element Management

    • Allows for automatic device discovery and health monitoring
    • Operates centralized device configuration, control, and management
    • Features event collection, including a northbound interface that forwards alerts to third-party management consoles
    • Collects trending and capacity-planning statistics over time
    • Supports automated tasks for multiple visibility solutions

  • ControlTower

    Complete Visibility of
    Your Network

    • Reduces the number of interconnect trunk links to an absolute minimum
    • Monitors multiple segments across the enterprise network
    • Deploys a centralized "farm" of cost effective, high-capacity security toolsto monitor physically distributed locations
    • Scales monitored segments and tools without increasing management overhead

  • cClear

    Stream & Packet Inspection Front-End Environment

    • Real Time Distributed Search
    • Granular KPI with Visualization - key performance indicators and user defined counters can be graphed and compared
    • Microburst & Spike Detection - real-time analysis of the microbehaviors of specific traffic to identify intermittent bursts, spikes, and bottlenecks
    • Scalable Deployment

  • cStor 24TB/32TB/128TB
    cStor 24TB/32TB/128TB

    Forensic Storage Array for Line-Rate Speeds

    • Sustained Line-Rate Packet Capture
    • Simple Remote Access
    • Modular Storage Capacity
    • Integrated with cVu Smart Monitoring
    • Centralized Dashboard (cClear/SPIFEE)


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