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Aggregation Taps

Aggregation Tap Deployment Scenario
Aggregation Tap Deployment Scenario
Aggregator Taps offer total access to full-duplex links with only one NIC or network port. Aggregation Taps are basically subdivided into two groups - Port Aggregation Taps and Link Aggregation Taps:

Port Aggregation Taps are aggregating the RX- and TX traffic of one network link to one monitoring port. Therefore it is possible to analyze the Full Duplex network traffic on one single interface. After aggregating the TX - and RX traffic to one single port, the aggregated traffic is regenerated to a second monitoring port, providing the possibility to have a second monitoring tool to analyze the Full Duplex traffic with also just one NIC.

Link Aggregator Taps allow the monitoring of multiple network segments with one or several monitoring appliances. These Taps are aggregating the traffic of up to 12 Full Duplex connections into one single interface After aggregation, the traffic is regenerated to up to 24 monitoring Ports . One big advantage of this solution is that the connected monitoring system only needs one NIC to monitor all 12 connections at the same time. Link Aggregation Taps are perfectly designed for the analysis of asymmetric network traffic and redundant routes with dynamic network protocols.

  • CUB.AGGRE1000-x Series
    CUB.AGGRE1000-x Series

    10/100/1000 Aggregation Taps

    • Low switching time
    • Traffic filtering layer 4
    • Filter on VLAN
    • Additional 2 X 10G SFP 1G Monitor Ports available
    • For complex applications having numerous links, large network traffic & high density.


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