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cPacket - cVu 2440/3240 NG - Traffic Monitoring Switch

Traffic Monitoring Switch - 24x/32x40G or 12x/20x40G + 48x10G

cVu 2440NG/cVu 3240NG

The cVu 2440NG and 3240NG are members of the cVu NG family, that deliver 24 or 32 ports of 40G line-rate performance analytics, and complete packet inspection on every port.
As customers move to 40G in both the core and along the network edge, the ability to reliably monitor multiple links at full-line rate becomes a challenge that legacy monitoring architectures struggle to handle. cVu Monitoring Appliances are the backbone of cPacket's Integrated Monitoring Fabric (IMF), which combine high-level network visibility with immediate access to the packet-level details.
This drasticly improves our customer's ability to troubleshoot problems such as network traffic spikes and bursts, over-subscription, and misconfigurations. This unique architecture is enabled by the advanced capabilities of cPacket's patented Algorithmic Fabric Chip.

Key Features

  • Distributed Monitoring Architecture
  • Improved Operational Agility
  • Proactive Network Monitoring
  • Intelligence at the Wire
  • Open Monitoring Architecture


  • cStor™ Appliance - Integrated Packet Forensics with cPacket's Advance Real-Time Analytics
  • SPIFEE - Stream and Packet Inspection Front-End Environment
  • cTap - Passive Fiber Optical Network Taps

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