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Savvius Insight - Network Performance Monitoring Appliance for small Networks

Network Performance Monitoring Appliance for small Networks

Savvius Insight

With the advanced expert system and extensive array of other visual and interactive analysis features built into Savvius Insight, network professionals, IT consultants, and Splunk administrators are armed with the same caliber of tools for monitoring smaller networks that they are used to having for the datacenter with Omnipliances. And like the larger Omnipliances, Savvius Insight performs all capture and analysis locally, and does not require the packets be sent over the network. Savvius Insight also enhances Omnipliance deployments by providing more capture points to take advantage of the built-in Multi-Segment Analysis features of the Omnipliance.

To interact with Savvius Insight, it includes OmniPeek Insight, an application with a very visual and interactive user interface. Savvius Insight also supports OmniPeek Connect, Professional, and Enterprise, which can be used to interact with multiple Savvius Insight devices and Omnipliances at the same time. Savvius Insight creates reports in csv, and pdf format, and generates native pcap files, which can be opened with other applications like Wireshark.

Long term reporting, aggregation, trending, baselining, projections, alerts, etc, are provided in Savvius Insight through a seamless integration with Splunk. The Savvius Dashboards for the Splunk Server are 100% web based, and can be freely downloaded from Splunkbase.com. The analysis provided by Savvius Insight devices to a Splunk Server can be correlated with other device data in Splunk for actionable insight and operational intelligence.

Key Features

  • Saves money by having an affordable network monitoring appliance
  • Provides remote troubleshooting
  • Reduces MTTR
  • Increase ROI of Omnipliance deployments
  • Provides long term reporting


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