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Network Taps

Network Tap Deployment Scenario
Network Tap Deployment Scenario
Network Taps provide 100% visibility into customers' networks. Installed between any two network devices, Taps provide permanent and passive access points into the network.

When a monitoring tool is needed, simply connect the device to the Network Tap instead of taking down the link, moving cables, and causing traffic interruptions. Even if Taps lose power, they are completely passive and feature fail-open technology that ensures traffic continuity. Network Taps pass all network traffic - including Layer 1 and 2 errors - without introducing bottlenecks or points of failure for 100% visibility.

  • Optical Fiber Tap
    Optical Fiber Tap

    Singlemode, Multimode, and Mixed

    • For all protocols or data rates up to 100 Gbit
    • No power supply needed
    • Flexible and scalable
    • Every used splitter inside the optical TAP is carefully handled
    • Insertion loss is measured before the unit leaves to the customer

  • Optical MTP Fiber Tap
    Optical MTP Fiber Tap

    Singlemode & Multimode

    • TAP splitter
    • Highspeed and lossless packet handling
    • 1U rack mount kit holds up to 4 modules, each module can have 1, 2 or 3 TAPs
    • Non-disruptive and transparent
    • No power supply needed, & does not have an IP address

  • 40 Gb BIDI TAP
    40 Gb BIDI TAP

    For use with Cisco 40 Gbps BIDI QSFP

    • Provides visibility to bidirectional 40Gb traffic
    • Full transparency, adds no delay
    • No power supply needed, completely passive
    • Flexible and scalable
    • Cost effective

  • FlexTAP 10/100/1000
    FlexTAP 10/100/1000

    10/100/1000 Mbit fully passive Network Tap

    • Fully passive
    • Carrier Grade Design
    • 19' rack mountable (20 units in one 3 U 19' frame)
    • Port Bandwidth: 10 Mbit | 100 Mbit | 1 Gbit

  • Copper Tap 10/100/1000
    Copper Tap 10/100/1000

    Full Duplex Copper Network Tap

    • Provides complete traffic visibility & access to any network connection
    • Transparent access
    • Transfers all network traffic, including errors, to the monitoring tools
    • Extra uptime protection makes the TAPs more reliable
    • PoE Transparent

  • CTP-1000

    Copper Network & Link Aggregation Tap

    • View full-duplex using single interface
    • Eliminate SPAN port contention, oversubscription and errors
    • PoE support on network ports
    • Packet size up to 10240 Bytes
    • No configuration or management settings

  • Modular Fiber Tap
    Modular Fiber Tap

    Tap up to 24 links 1G to 100G

    • Up to 24 LC connector Tap Modules or 16 MTP connector Taps per 1 U
    • Available in single mode and multimode with LC or MTP connectors
    • Modules are available in various custom split ratios & mixed fiber types
    • Passive and non-powered - no IP adress
    • Passes all full-duplex traffic

  • FTP-1534

    Passive Fiber Network Tap

    • Supports 100G
    • Completely passive, no electrical power needed
    • Allows you to view layer 1 and 2 errors
    • Permanent inline access to network links
    • Ideal for security applications

  • 10/100/1000 Ethernet Network Tap
    10/100/1000 Ethernet Network Tap

    Copper Network Tap

    • Supports 10/100/1000 Mbps
    • Ideal for security and monitoring applications
    • View all 7 layers of network traffic
    • View all traffic on both sides of full duplex links
    • Permanent In-Line access

  • FTP-1000 Serie
    FTP-1000 Serie

    Fiber Network Tap

    • Available in a wide array of split ratios
    • Allow you to view layer 1 and 2 errors
    • Multimode or Singlemode configuration
    • Supports 1G and 10G
    • Completely passive fault tolerant design

  • FTP-2000/4000 Serie
    FTP-2000/4000 Serie

    Dual/Quad Fiber Network Taps

    • In dual and quad segment available
    • Completely passive fault tolerant design
    • Supports multiple topologies
    • Will not affect network performance or integrity
    • Invisible to the network

  • FTP-8000/9000 Series
    FTP-8000/9000 Series

    HD Fiber Network Tap

    • Supports 1G and 10G
    • Space saving design
    • Available with custom split-ratios
    • Alternative to SPAN ports
    • Passive non-powered architecture

  • FTP-1500 Series
    FTP-1500 Series

    Fiber Network Tap

    • Supports 40G network speed
    • In LC and MTP available
    • Supports Cisco 40G BiDi
    • Completely passive fault tolerant design and invisible to the network
    • No electrical power needed

  • FTP-1546

    Fiber Network Tap

    • Supports 100GBASE-LR4 network speed
    • Passive fault tolerant design, need no electrical power
    • Ideal for security applications and network monitoring
    • Multiple wavelengths on monitor ports
    • Allow you to view Layer 1 and 2 errors


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