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Network Test Solutions

Today's networking environment is increasingly complex. Data center convergence, enterprise expansion, and new service deployments require you to combine many different technologies – including physical and virtualized devices – into a single network infrastructure. Such networks must handle massive amounts of traffic with critical applications over both point-to-point and multicast network strategies. Ixia's test solutions help to make this possible.

  • CloudStorm 100GE
    CloudStorm 100GE

    Application and Security Test Load Module

    • Multi-terabit solution - 2.5 - 3X application performance
    • Hardware-based SSL acceleration delivers 4X encryption performance
    • Emulate multi-terabit DDoS & botnet attacks
    • Unified application & security test platform, with Layers 2-7 capabilities
    • Multi-rate ready: 100/50/40/25/10GE on a single port

  • ixChariot

    Test and Improve Application Performance

    • Cloud-capable console - Runs on EC2 and private cloud
    • Create sophisticated traffic patterns - AppMix, TCP, UDP, and RTP over IPv4 and IPv6
    • Measure throughput, jitter, packet loss, end-to-end delay - Per-user metrics
    • Test from behind firewalls
    • 100% software endpoints - Runs on "everything"

  • IxNetwork

    Network Topology Testing and Traffic Analysis

    • Offers test coverage from 1G to 400G Ethernet
    • Generate up to 4000 million trackable flows
    • Up to 4096 hardware streams per port
    • Fast and efficient configuration of network emulation
    • Works smoothly in virtualized network environments

  • IxLoad

    Multiplay Service and Application Delivery Platform Testing

    • Delivers end-to-end testing
    • Measure key performance and QoE indicators
    • The only test solution in the market that can modelt he dynamic nature of user behavior
    • Reduces your test time and learning curves with predefined templates
    • Offers highest http, SSL and IPsec performance

  • Ixia BreakingPoint
    Ixia BreakingPoint

    All-in-one applications and security testing platform

    • Stress network infrastructures with 36,000+ security attacks
    • Validate network and data center performance by recreating 300+ application protocols
    • Find network problem areas sooner
    • Emulate sophisticated, large-scale DDoS attacks
    • Measure and harden the performance, security and stability of application delivery


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