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Security Solutions  Deployment Scenario
Security Solutions Deployment Scenario
With the evolution of Internet threat complexity and intensity, comes the rapidly increasing range of security technologies needed to secure the network.

New layers have been added to the perimeter to deal with emerging threats, fortifying the existing firewalls and IPS/IDS systems with threat detection, malware inspection, content security, DLP, DDoS mitigation, and more - at increasing expense.

Constant probes and automated attacks flood SIEMs and overwhelm security teams with false negatives and positives that must be tracked down.

  • Ixia ThreatARMOR
    Zero Day Malware Mutations Protection

    Zero Day Malware Mutations Protection

    • Reporting, blocking or fail-safe bypass operation
    • Full line rate across all ports with blocking enabled
    • Stop traffic from unwanted countries
    • No false positive clear proof of criminal behavior for all blocked sites
    • Stop connections, both inbound and outband from known bad IP addresses containing malware, botnets and phishing attacks

  • Ixia BreakingPoint
    All-in-one applications and security testing platform

    All-in-one applications and security testing platform

    • Stress network infrastructures with 36,000+ security attacks
    • Validate network and data center performance by recreating 300+ application protocols
    • Find network problem areas sooner
    • Emulate sophisticated, large-scale DDoS attacks
    • Measure and harden the performance, security and stability of application delivery

  • Vision ONE
    1G/10G/40G Network Packet Broker

    1G/10G/40G Network Packet Broker

    • Powerful GUI allows you to focus on security rather than configuration
    • SSL decryption
    • Zero-loss packet processing
    • Deep Packet Inspection
    • Sophisticated Load Balancing

  • Phantom vTap
    For hypervisor-based virtual networks

    For hypervisor-based virtual networks

    • Enables complete visibility of east-west, inter-VM
    • Provides TapFlow, multi-layer L2-L4 filtering engine
    • Supports vSS (virtual standard switch), vDS (virtual distributed switch) and third-party virtual switches
    • Supports multiple hypervisors
    • Follows VMs for continuous visibility throughout migration


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