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Virtualization Deployment Scenario
Virtualization Deployment Scenario
Test and monitor performance of virtual servers and networks in your cloud and data centers. Verify reliability and eliminate blind spots.

Imagine knowing with certainty how virtualization would perform in your data center, cloud, or network environment. You would be able to scale without risk. You could project costs and measure efficiency. You would know which connections to monitor to prevent problems.

You do not have to imagine it. Ixia offers reliability testing and performance monitoring designed for the specific challenges of server virtualization, network functions virtualization (NFV), and software-defined networking (SDN) in data center or cloud environments.

  • CloudLens

    Visibility for Private, Public & Hybrid Clouds

    • Key component of Ixia CloudLens visibility platform
    • Integrates with Ixia virtual taps for complete network visibility
    • GRE tunnels termination and origination
    • Dynamic filtering of network packets
    • Load balancing of select traffic to virtual appliances

  • Phantom vTap
    Phantom vTap

    For hypervisor-based virtual networks

    • Enables complete visibility of east-west, inter-VM
    • Provides TapFlow, multi-layer L2-L4 filtering engine
    • Supports vSS (virtual standard switch), vDS (virtual distributed switch) and third-party virtual switches
    • Supports multiple hypervisors
    • Follows VMs for continuous visibility throughout migration

  • Ixia BreakingPoint
    Ixia BreakingPoint

    All-in-one applications and security testing platform

    • Stress network infrastructures with 36,000+ security attacks
    • Validate network and data center performance by recreating 300+ application protocols
    • Find network problem areas sooner
    • Emulate sophisticated, large-scale DDoS attacks
    • Measure and harden the performance, security and stability of application delivery


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