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This is an overview of interesting subjects from external blogs and press reviews about our vendors, products, and solutions.

  •   Sep 19th, 2017
         Do you know what "Dynamic Truncation" is?   (cPacket Blog)
  •   Sep 8th, 2017
         Big Data - AI: Machine learning approach on Mobile Network Monitoring Data  (Cubro Blog)
  •   Aug 21st, 2017
         Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 Q&A  (Ixia Blog)
  •   Aug 10th, 2017
         SPAN Port: The ABCs of Network Visibility  (Ixia Blog)
  •   Jul 26th, 2017
         Savvius Spotlight network traffic monitoring tool launches  (TechTarget)
  •   Jul 23rd, 2017
         Preparing for GDPR: Don't Get Lost in Translation  (Ixia Blog)
  •   May 26th, 2017
         What Does Network Visibility Have to Do with GDPR?  (Ixia Blog)
  •   May 7th, 2017
         Packet Trimming and Protocol Stripping: The ABCs of Network Visibility  (Ixia Blog)
  •   May 2nd, 2017
         Major Retailers Choose Savvius Solutions  (YAHOO Finance)
  •   Apr 28th, 2017
         One size fits all: Ixia's latest launch for hyperscale & microscale data centers  (DataCenterNEWS Asia)
  •   Apr 25th, 2017
         Ixia goes native to build its cloud visibility solution  (NetworkWorld)
  •   Apr 5th, 2017
         Cloud visibility goal of Ixia CloudLens software update  (Searchnetworking/Techtarget)
  •   Mar 29th, 2017
         How To Optimize Access to Your Monitoring Data  (Ixia Blog)
  •   Mar 23rd, 2017
         Heartbeats Stop Heart Attacks, for Inline Security  (Ixia Blog)
  •   Mar 10th, 2017
         5G-The Wireless Revolution  (Ixia Blog)
  •   Mar 8th, 2017
         Dark Secrets of Light Budgets  (Ixia Blog)
  •   Mar 3rd, 2017
         Using Ixia Developer to Debug Amazon Cloud Deployments  (Ixia Blog)
  •   Mar 1st, 2017
         19 "Move To The Top Of Your Queue" Network Improvement Tips  (Forbes.com)
  •   Feb 2nd, 2017
         Ten Requirements of a Network Visibility Architecture  (Ixia Blog)
  •   Nov 22nd, 2016
         Inline and Out-of-Band: The ABCs of Network Visibility  (Ixia Blog)
  •   Sep 22nd, 2016
         Bringing DDoS Emulation into the Lab  (Ixia Blog)
  •   Aug 23rd, 2016
         Blind Spots: The ABCs of Network Visibility  (Ixia Blog)
  •   Aug 19th, 2016
         Ixia IxVeriWave review: part 2, testing access points and routers  (Hardware.Info)
  •   Aug 2nd, 2016
         ThreatARMOR provides Zero-Day Malware Immunity (ZDMI)  (Ixia Blog)
  •   Jul 26th, 2016
         Virtual Taps: The ABCs of Network Visibility  (Ixia Blog)
  •   Jul 21st, 2016
         Cyber Security Attacks - Are You Covering all Bases?  (Ixia Blog)
  •   Jul 17th, 2016
         Network Packet Brokers: The ABCs of Network Visibility  (Ixia Blog)
  •   Jul 7th, 2016
         How to Convert the Hottest Security News into BreakingPoint Test Scenarios  (Ixia Blog)
  •   Jul 5th, 2016
         Next Gen Firewalls Need a Security Fabric  (Ixia Blog)
  •   Jun 23rd, 2016
         Traffic Filtering: The ABCs of Network Visibility  (Ixia Blog)
  •   Jun 22nd, 2016
         Ixia IxVeriWave review: the most advanced wifi testing equipment  (UK.Hardware.Info)
  •   Jun 2nd, 2016
         Security through Visibility: The Rap Sheet Database  (Ixia Blog)
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