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Monitoring the health of your business applications

Monitoring the health of your Applications In our digitized life, monitoring is pretty common. With our smartphones, we are able to monitor numerous KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) about our health: heart rate, respiration rate, skin temperature, amount of steps and caloric burns; to name a few. Another, more recent example is the connected-car where the engine and the tires are monitored.

Monitoring the health of your business applications
But what about the health of your business applications and underlying infrastructure? Why not monitor these as well? Because it is these applications that enable you to run your business effective and efficient! If monitoring 24x7 is a bridge to far, why not do a health-check from time-to-time? For example before and after some "surgery" in a datacenter (also known as a datacenter migration or a major change)?

This is exactly where NP-Channel and our resellers support you with our all-inclusive health-check on your business applications. All-inclusive because hardware, software and an experienced team is all included. By taking a closer look at all the network packets we able to quickly assess the health of your applications and underlying infrastructure; pretty similar to visiting your general practitioner for a quick check-up by measuring your blood pressure, body temperature and a few other things.

Quick answers in hybrid environments
Even in challenging situations with multiple technology partners, different kind of networks and numerous cloud services, we are able to quickly answer questions like:
  • What applications are using the available bandwidth of the LAN, WAN and local internet connections?
  • How is the network handling all this application traffic and what is the amount of overhead?
  • Where (which sites) are the users coming from and how is their experience?
  • Which applications have problems, where are these problems coming from and how to fix these?
The next step
Please fill in this form and we are happy to pay you a visit demonstrating how we contribute to your business goals with our all-inclusive health-check!

More about the Health-check

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360 degrees, very granular and scalable
  • 100% of the network traffic is analyzed; going from OSI layer 2 to application transactions
  • Every detail, every session and every transaction
  • More than 10 Gbps analysis capacity; suitable for production environments
Real-time transactions
  • 24x7, real-time transaction analysis
  • All details about performance and error conditions is stored for at least one week
  • End-to-end, multi-segment analysis without a packet analyzer!
Scope of transaction analysis
  • Web applications (HTTP | HTTPS)
  • Databases (several, industry standard SQL flavours)
  • Domain Name Services (DNS)
  • File and print sharing (SMB)
  • VoIP
  • Microsoft Services (RPC)
  • Citrix (NetScaler & XenApp)

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