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The relevancy of Application and Network Performance Monitoring

Users are evaluating business applications on the overall, end-to-end application performance and availability. This evaluation includes assuring the shortest problem resolution time.
However, in today's hybrid, complex infrastructure and applications this can be very challenging (see figure 1; going from left to right):
  • Different end-user devices each with their own software clients like browsers
  • Different networks each with their own characteristics
  • Applications and other cloud services managed with different parties
  • Multi-tier applications with multiple security zones/segments
A typical application chain - Network Performance Monitoring and Application Performance Monitoring
figure 1 - A typical application chain

End-to-end application monitoring
Since the network is the linking pin for all the business applications and its content, Wire Data based on network packets gives any IT-Ops and DevOps organization the shortest problem resolution time when applications are not behaving as expected.
This is because network packets are always telling the absolute truth when it comes to providing reliable answers: is it the end-user device, the network, the server or the application. And if a combination of those, to what extend each.
However, finding the right packets for answering these questions is often experienced as searching for a needle in the haystack because even a single gigabit connection is able to generate 100 Mbytes of packet-data... each second!
That's where Network Performance Channel (with the solutions from Savvius, PerformanceVision and cPacket) help you and your organization by modeling and visualizing the Raw Wire Data. Once completed, your IT-Ops and DevOps teams provide reliable answers quickly. As a result, you will end up with the shortest problem resolution time.
Application and Network Performance Monitoring - Improves and assure time-to-resolution
figure 2 - Improves and assure time-to-resolution

Solution delivery and deployment is very flexible, supports a distributed architecture and includes various subscription models:
  • as a service (i.e. Visibility-as-a-Service or a Health-check),
  • as a product subscription or
  • as a product sell with a life-time license.
Where needed and relevant the underlying hardware can be included!

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