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What is Visibility-as-a-Service?

Is it the network, the client, the server or the application?

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Visibility-as-a-Service (VaaS) is designed for IT organizations that would like to have clear answers to questions like:
  • What applications are consuming the bandwidth of my network?
  • What is their performance?
  • What is causing the delays if the user experience of these applications is not what it supposed to be?
However, these IT organizations are not always positioned for upfront investments combined with doing steep learning curves.

Put an end to upfront investments and long lead times

Do I need

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The enabler behind Visibility-as-a-Service is a subscription based APM/NPM solution; which includes Wire Data Analytics. This limits the complexity, upfront investments and lead times to the bare minimum compared to a tool selection, evaluation and rollout of a similar, in-house managed solution.

Tools and experts as needed

For being able to deliver on an EMEA scale, SPECTRAMI relies on experts as available within our specialized partners and resellers; meaning expertise is within local reach!
Visiblity-as-a-Service Diagram

5 ways by which we are actively contributing to your business goals

  • Inventory of your applications, their real users and their real bandwidth consumption.
  • Fix network and application issues before and after migrations:
    • hybrid infrastructure.
    • datacenter consolidation
    • applications in PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) and SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)
  • Right-size your existing and new (SD-)WAN.
  • Improved collaboration between the different IT-Ops teams.
  • Quick and smooth deployments of new applications.

360 degrees, very granular and scalable

  •   Almost zero configuration
  •   100% of the network traffic is analyzed; going from OSI layer 2 to application transactions
  •   Every detail, every session and every transaction
  •   More than 10 Gbps analysis capacity; 25 & 40 Gbps Ethernet ports are supported
  •   Scalable: S, M en L (hardware included and as software-only)

Real-time transactions

  •   24/7, real-time transaction analysis
  •   All details about performance and error conditions are stored for at least one week
  •   End-to-end, multi-segment analysis without a packet analyzer!

Scope of transaction analysis

  •   Web applications (HTTP | HTTPS)
  •   Databases (several, industry standard SQL flavours)
  •   Domain Name Services
  •   File and print sharing (SMB)
  •   VoIP
  •   Microsoft Services (RPC)
  •   Citrix (NetScaler & XenApp)

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